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The view from Waengle
The Lech River Trail Waymark
Walking on forest trails
Alpsee and Neuschwanstein
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A beautiful final day’s walk, through forest and passing lakes crossing the border into Germany and descending to the Bavarian town of Fuessen.

Leaving Holz, rejoin the Lechweg as you enter the forest to follow a beautiful panoramic path affording fine views over the valley and into the mountains.  After ascending to a small chapel, there is a long descent, via the beautiful lake called Frauensee, to Pflach.  Here you can stock up on supplies or take lunch before the long walk up into the forest where you enter Germany.  From the unannounced border, you will descend to Alpensee. The is a gorgeous mountain lake made more picturesque by the view of the famous castles of Hohenschangau and Neuschwanstein.  Re-entering the forest, there is a final bold ascent to the Calvary viewpoint from where you can enjoy the fabulous panoramic vista across to the castles and down to Fuessen. The descent winds down through beech forest to the Lechfalls just outside Fuessen where your walk comes to a dramatic close. Enjoy the views of the Lech entering the Lechschluct gorge and enjoy a well-deserved drink or ice-cream close to the falls.


This is a long walking day of over 25km. If you intend to walk the entire way, we strongly suggest you make an early start.  Other than Pflach, there is nowhere to buy food or drinks so make sure you take plenty of supplies with you.


840 hm
954 hm
Tiefster Punkt 797 m
Höchster Punkt 1180 m
7:30 h
27,9 km





The bridge outside the hamlet of Holz, near Waengle


Lechfall, Fuessen


Today’s walk starts at the bridge in Holz where yesterday’s walk ended.  Pick up the “L” logos here for the Lechweg and ascend into the forest. The path follows the contours of the valley and passes through forest and meadows from where there are great views towards the rocky peaks and down to Reutte in the valley below.  Soon, after approx. 3kms, there is a short ascent to the small Costaries chapel.  This is quite steep, and after the initial switchback path there is a rocky section where a cable has been placed into the rock to aid as a handrail. Take good care with your footing.  There are fantastic views of the valley from the small clearing in the forest where the chapel sits.

Beyond the chapel there is a long descent on a forest track from to Frauensee.  This is a a great place to swim and there is also a small mountain restaurant here.  Beyond the route descends on forest track and quiet roads to Pflach.  Just before you reach Pflach you will pass through a wetland area where there is an impressive birdwatching tower. 

There is a bakery and a small bar/cafe in Pflach so we suggest you stock up on any needed supplies here.  There is nowhere beyond this point to buy food or drinks.  If for any reason you would like to curtail your walk, then you can take the bus to Fuessen from here. There is still a long (but very rewarding walk) beyond this point.

Follow the “L” signs as you negotiate the route through Pflach.  After crossing the railway, the path meanders through a meadow before mirroring the road for a short time before ascending again into the forest.  The ascent continues for several kilometres on forest tracks and trails, so take your take time to enjoy being in the forest and listening to the birdsong.  Keep on looking out for the “L” waymarks, often painted on trees in this section.  Shortly, you will leave the forest track and descend on a small trail. Look out for the red and white painted stone which marks the border with Germany at approx. 17ms.

There is now a long descent on forest trails.  There are some tricky sections, including a small rocky section with a sturdy cabled handrail.  Take care here, particularly if the conditions are wet.  The descent continues through the forest eventually emerging to the lovely Alpsee lake.  Take some time to enjoy the view as the path meanders along the lakeshore.  If you continue to follow the “L” signs and the lakeshore path, eventually you will soon glimpse King Ludwig’s castles at Hoheschangau and Neuschwanstein.

As the path continues to follow the lake shore you will encounter more people enjoying the lakeside trails.  Then the path leaves the lake and diverts from the northern shore through beech forest.  Continue to follow the waymarks.  Soon, you will reach a clearing where there are a couple of crags where rock climbers are often to be found.  From here, there is a last steep ascent to the Calvary viewpoint.  Be sure to go up the steps to the monument with 3 crosses as there is an incredible view from here of the Bavarian Alps and down to Fuessen, your first sight of the German town that is your destination.

The path then descends towards Fuessen and the Lech Falls where your walk ends. Here the lovely Lech river that you have followed from its source flows over a dam and then into a dramatic natural gorge.  There is a sign by the falls marking the official finish of the Lech River Trail making a great photo opportunity for you to celebrate the journey you have taken.  There is a bar and a small shop here by the falls.  Enjoy a beer or a celebratory ice cream before you head to your hotel in Fuessen for a well-earned rest.

Weitere Informationen

Points of Interest


You will reach the beautiful small lake of Frauensee after approx 5.5kms today.  This natural lake is popular with swimmers as the in the summer the water reaches temperatures of 24 degrees Centigrade!  The lake is in a very picturesque setting at the bottom of the dramatic Gehrenspitze mountain.  This is a great place for a swim if you are a fan of natural water bathing or just feel like cooling off.  Access to the lake is free of charge all year round, and there is a small mountain Stuebe (bar/café/restaurant) by the lake if you would like to stop for a drink and a snack.


Alpsee is a much larger lake the Frauensee, but with colder water is less amenable for swimming!  Take some time to rest here and enjoy the views of the clear turquoise water.   When you first reach the lake, after the long descent through the forest you can’t yet see the famous “fairy tale” castles of King Ludwig, Hohenschangau and Neuschwanstein.  If you continue to follow the path and the Lech River Trail route, eventually the castles will come into view making the setting seem even more magical.  

Neuschwanstein and Hohenshangau Castles

The Bavarian royal family’s summer residence was at Hohenschangau castle, on the shores of Lake Alpensee and Ludwig built the neighbouring Neuschwanstein castle in homage to the stories of Germany knights. The castle is an incredible building and is the supposed inspiration for the Walt Disney Sleeping Beauty castle.  You will get a glimpse of the castles on the last day of the Lech River Trail, but should you like to visit you can read more information about tickets and entry via the link below.  Note that buses run regularly from the train station in Füssen to Hohenschangau where the ticket office is situated.  As the castle is an extremely popular visitor attraction, we recommend you purchase tickets online in advance.



The Lech River Trail ends at Lechfall in Fuessen where here the river spills over a dam built in the 18th century.  The river then flows into a dramatic natural gorge before it opens up and flows beyond Fuessen toward the Danube.  Impressive high-water marks on the west bank document the force of the river, especially after the onset of snowmelts in the early summer months.

The Lech has been an important element of the historical development of Fuessen.  In the Middle Ages, rafters floated lumber and goods downstream for trade.  Below the old town of Fuessen, there were once a thriving dock area with watermills and raft-building yards. 

These days the area at the foot of the Lech is primarily used for energy production. The river runs in to Forggensee, just beyond Fuessen, which was artificially dammed in 1954 and serves as an accumulation reservoir for the downstream power station ladder. The lake regulates the water flow.

Food and Drink

Today is a long walking day so it is important to have plenty of water and fuel.  Other than the mountain restaurant at Frauensee (just 5.5kms into the walk) and the small town of Pflach, there is nowhere to buy food or drink en route.  We strongly suggest you take snacks and plenty of water with you.  As there are not many facilities in Waengle or Holz, you may need to order a packed lunch (Lunchpaket) from your hotel the night before departure. Take plenty of water with you.

This tour is available on the following itineraries: WGLRT, WGLRTSV


It is particularly important for this day that you wear comfortable sturdy boots and we strongly advise taking walking poles.  Given the distance, we also advise you take at least 2 litres of water with you.


This is a long walk, so as advised start early.  The terrain is tricky in places, with narrow forest paths and rocky sections.  Make sure you check the weather forecast before setting out, taking care if it will be wet and considering taking the bus for some of the way if thunder storms are forecast.

You may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves.