Panorama Trail from Linderhof to Oberammergau

Enjoy beautiful mountain views

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Today you have a choice of this walk or the 'Kofel Loop Walk'. Please see seperate entry for information on the alternative walk. Enjoy a walk through the forest to Brunnenkopf, taking in the wonderful panoramic views of the mountains as you make your way from August Schuster-Haus, from Oberammergau via the Kolbensattelhütte Lodge. 

Cable car to the Kolbensattel Hut, from where you can hike along a panorama trail to the Pürschlingshäuser and on to the Brunnenkopf. Your destination is the fairytale world of King Ludwig II, the Linderhof Palace. The magnificently laid out park is reminiscent of both French and Italian baroque gardens.

Here you take the bus back to Oberammergau.

The panoramic hike to Linderhof Castle leads over a ridge, which is partly narrow along a steep slope. You need sure-footedness and should not be afraid of heights. If you don't feel comfortable with that, we recommend the Kofel Loop Walk instead.


Keep an eye out for some small wooden figurines along the way.

Stop at Brunnenkopfhütte, a remote mountain lodge where you can enjoy a spot of lunch with spectacular views.


511 hm
853 hm
Tiefster Punkt 936 m
Höchster Punkt 1631 m
5:20 h
12,9 km



Beste Jahreszeit




Kolbenseilbahn/Kolbensattelhütte Lodge


Schloss Linderhof


0.00km Leave the cable cars and keep LEFT before heading in the direction of the Kolbensattelhütte. 

0.10km Past the Kolbensattelhütte you’ll arrive at a fork junction, keep to the RIGHT and follow the signs towards August-Schuster Haus and Kofelsteig. After a left-hand bend, turn RIGHT onto the Kofelsteig trail heading towards August-Schuster-Haus.

1.80km Cross the Branntweingraben. Continue on the Kofelsteig trail.

2.20km The Kofelsteig trail meets Pürschlingsweg/Maximiliansweg. Turn LEFT at the T-junction and again follow the signs towards August-Schuster Haus.

3.10km At the T-junction, turn RIGHT and stay on Pürschlingsweg/Maximiliansweg.

3.40km To your left you’ll see the August-Schuster Haus (Pürschlings-Haus). Keep LEFT after the mountain lodge.

3.90km Keep going and pass under the wooden framework.

4.10km Keep RIGHT and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD on the path towards the Brunnenkopfhütte. Ignore the path that leads down to Linderhof.

6.60km KEEP LEFT as you continue to follow the path towards the Brunnenkopfhütte. Stay on this path and ignore the trail leading off to the right and up to Hennenkopf.

8.50km You’ll reach a T-junction. TAKE A SHARP LEFT and follow the sign towards Linderhof. On your right, you’ll see the Brunnenkopf Diensthütte (mountain cabin)

If you want to make a detour to the Brunnenkopf summit, turn right here and head towards the Brunnenkopfhütte. Go across the Brunnenkopfhütte terrace and up the stairs in front of the hut on the right. WARNING: risk of falling. Only experienced Alpine mountaineers should proceed. Follow the sign to Brunnenkopf uphill and continue on this path. You’ll need to climb to the final part of the summit using rope supports part of the way. When you’re ready to continue the hike, take the same path back to the Brunnenkopfhütte and onwards to the fork in the road. Here, you’ll need to take the path down on the right towards Linderhof.

9.10km TURN LEFT and in around 100 metres turn RIGHT and follow the signs to Linderhof.

9.60km TURN LEFT at the Linderhof sign and continue to follow the path.

9.80km The path leads you over a stream to your right-hand side, whilst on the left, you’ll see a small waterfall. Continue following the path, KEEP RIGHT on the main path, following the sign to Linderhof and ignoring any trails leading off to the sides.

10.60km Follow the path further downhill with the stream on your right (you’ll pass a rain shelter). Please ignore any side trails leading off the main path and do not follow the sign pointing you towards Pürschling, instead, continue downhill on the main path.

12.00km Walk over the bridge and TURN LEFT.

12.30km Follow the road between the houses and through the open wall. On your left, you’ll see a turret.

12.40km Follow the sign towards Linderhof and continue STRAIGHT AHEAD.

12.50km TURN RIGHT in front of the souvenir shop and pass the guest house on your right-hand side.

If you’re interested in visiting the palace, head straight up to the ticket desk. After your visit, please return to this point. You also have the option of getting something to eat here. The park itself is free to explore, but you’ll need to buy a ticket if you want to explore the palace and its surrounding buildings.

12.90km TURN LEFT and walk a few metres straight ahead and down the stairs. TURN LEFT and walk to Schloss Linderhof bus stop.


Öffentliche Verkehrsmittel

This morning take the ‘Kolbensesselbahn’ (Kolben Chair Lift) to the Kolbensattelhuette (mountain hut) where today’s walk begins. The first departure is at 10am and costs approx. 7.50 euro per person. 

At the end of your walk, take the bus from Schloss Linderhof (Bus stop name: Haltestelle Linderhof Schloss) to Oberammergau (Bus stop name: Haltestelle Eugen-Pabst-Strasse). The journey takes 20-30 minutes and costs approx. 5 euro per person.

Weitere Informationen

 Information on August Schuster-Haus:  

Information on Brunnenkopfhütte:

Information on Schloss Linderhof: 

Information on the cable car: (check it is operating before commencing your walk). If it is not operating use '

Panorama Trail from Linderhof to Oberammergau (if cable car isn't operating)' route.


Food and drink

You’ll have the option to stop just before your hike begins at the Kolbensattelhütte mountain lodge, or else at the August-Schuster Haus (Pürschlingshaus). After that, the Brunnenkopfhütte will be your next opportunity to eat and drink, as well as towards the end of your hike in Linderhof.  Nevertheless, we recommend you stock up on supplies and plenty of water before setting off. 


You’ll be walking on forest trails and mountain paths. Please remember to bring sun cream, a hat and plenty of water. If you’re used to walking with poles or hiking sticks, we highly recommend you bring them along. Given you’ll be crossing a small stream, we also recommend you wear waterproof hiking boots.


Today you may be walking past a few different areas where cows graze. Although generally very docile and used to walkers, keep your distance and never turn your back on a cow that is behaving strangely or aggressive. Be particularly vigilant around cows with calves. 

Please note, if you want to reach the summit at Brunnenkopf, you’ll need to climb part of the way and some places are only accessible using rope supports. However, no additional equipment is required.

On the Maximiliansweg hiking trail, you’ll encounter a slope, sometimes needing your hands to guide you.

In rainy weather, the narrow trails can be muddy and slippery. Make sure to wear closed and sturdy footwear with plenty of grip. Walkers need to be steady on their feet.