Bernau am Chiemsee to Marquartstein

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Walk along the shimmering waters of Lake Chiemsee, past Rottau to Marquartstein

After a traditional Bavarian breakfast of homemade bread and locally produced cheese and meats, walk along the shimmering waters of Lake Chiemsee, known to the locals as the Bavarian Sea due to its size and popularity as a vacation destination. Keep your eyes peeled for King Ludwig II’s Schloss Herrenchiemsee, a castle modelled after Versailles, located on the largest island of the lake.

Reach Rottau, where you have a choice of routes, you can take the wooden boardwalk through the moorlands of a nature reserve or you can stay on the forested main trail which guides you past the Rottauer waterfall. Both paths lead you back to Marquartstein, where you will spend a second night.


532 hm
529 hm
Tiefster Punkt 536 m
Höchster Punkt 841 m
5:35 h
16,4 km



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Bernau am Chiemsee




The Salzalpensteig is well signposted. Follow the yellow signs with green mountains.

From the Tourist Information Centre in Bernau, TURN LEFT on to the Stachel-Peter-Weg, which comes to an end at the Mitterweg. CONTINUE straight towards Kraimoos - when you arrive in Kraimoos, follow the signs to Bergham (viewpoint).

Cross a large pasture, follow the farm road to a rest area marked by 2 benches. At the junction BEAR LEFT along the Salinenweg. Walk past farms and follow the path as it BEARS LEFT and ascends to a chapel. The path undulates as you walk to Adersberg and Rottau.

The SalzAlpenSteig CONTINUES STRAIGHT, taking you to Rudersberg. On the left, pass the Wastlbauerhof farm as you CONTINUE STRAIGHT, along lush pastures. CROSS  the small road to your right and continue to ascend the path.  After a while, TURN LEFT onto a path that winds it's way steeply downhill.

You have reached the end of the Grießenbach river. To the left, a forest road ascends, along old brine pipes, straight through the forest. At the next crossroads, TURN RIGHT on the path which leads steeply uphill and you reach the so-called "Strehtrumpf".

From here walk along the descending road as it snakes its way down into the valley. You will reach an idyllic pond at the scout house and walk through a group of houses. From the Tourist Information Centre in Grassau, follow the sidewalk along the main road, past a large field direction Kucheln. After a few minutes, TURN LEFT on to a residential street.  Along this trail, you will pass a pond with another scout house, TURN RIGHT to take the circular/panorama path towards the Rottau waterfall (or you can walk on the asphalted road to the Strehtrumpf, but the panorama path is the more scenic option).

Follow the flat trail through beech forest before you go TURN LEFT ascending to the Strehtrumpf via a beautiful alpine meadow. CROSS the parking lot at Strehtrumpf and TURN RIGHT to follow the trail to the Zeppelinhöhe. Ascend through the forest to reach Zeppelinhöhe, admire the view of the valley and lake Chiemsee. Follow the forest path as it leads you down into the valley towards Niedernfels.

PASS a small waterfall and CONTINUE under the chairlift (Hochplattenbahn). PASS the valley station of the chairlift, TURN RIGHT onto a forest road, walk along the forest path which runs parallel to the road.  Follow the path along the edge of the forest to the chapel. After the chapel, descend slowly into the valley, CONTINUE past two large, distinctive trees, and a small pond to your right to reach Marquartstein.

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Visit a shop selling traditional German clothing:  and from April onwards, Grassau hosts a farmers’ market every Saturday between 08:30 and 12:00: 

Current conditions on the trail:  


We recommend wearing hiking boots that are well broken-in, plus a rain jacket and waterproof trousers in wet weather, as well as taking sun cream and a hat on nicer days.

In your information pack, you’ll find a detailed list of all the required hiking gear, including some good hiking boots, appropriate clothing, a rain jacket and a backpack.


In rainy weather, the trails can be muddy and slippery. Make sure to wear sturdy footwear with a good sole.

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